No where else has such color innovations in cosmetic anodizing ever been applied! Philson Incorporated has perfected a process that produces a superb bulk anodized finish. It's a revolution in vibrant colors and effects that up until now, have only traditionally been available in rack!

Although the finish is most important in a Philson product, there's always more to it than meets the eye. We approach new frontiers each day and are proud of our personnel who adapt and turn every challengeinto an opportunity.

In nearly 25 years as a producer of fine finishes, we've developed many relationships which have given us the opportunity to perfect our technology for bright dipping, caustic etching, hard coating, chemical polishing and dry film lubrication. This vast variety of services means our anodized pieces can be found in a diverse number of applications including medical, automotive, aerospace, cosmetic, and consumer products.

You can expect no less than 100% commitment to quality from us. When deciding on a finisher, look to us for expert craftsmanship and our behind the scenes commitment to quality. After all, in a Philson product, there's more to it than meets the eye.


The success of a project is in the quality of engineering production. Inspection of all jobs, challenging or routine, is handled by degreed personnel and experienced assistants. To insure quality, computerized process specifications follow the job through every step and help us maximize efficiency and maintain maximum quality.

Computerized Digital Sortation Devices like the ones shown provide 100% electronic visual inspection on Bulk orders. No other anodizers have these devices in thier employ. We've got 5 of them!