Economies of scale, consistency in color and quality of finish...if these are your concerns, consider bulk anodizing. We've perfected this process-continually improving quality while utilizing standard procedures, plus creating new methods to achieve very high volume production.

Bulk anodizing is an excellent choice for the finishing of parts such as rivets, ferrules, medical hubs, and many other items, where speed volume is required to make production economical.

Performed in aluminum, plastic, or titanium baskets, our electrochemical process is particularly well suited for anodizing small, unusually shaped parts. Large quantities can be finished in a cost-effective, timely manner. Bulk anodizing is an attractive altenative to the rack process.

Ask about our "Bulk Brilliance" production. You won't even be able to tell the difference!

Rack anodizing has become one of the standard approaches to processing aluminum parts. Our in-house rack fabrication department allows us to design and build our own racks to improve quality and reduce costs. Although we specialize in pieces 1/8" to 2" in length, we are capable of handling larger sizes up to 48" in length.

We are specialists in the sulfuric DC process, offering a large variety of finishes and colors, in both short run and high volume productions.

And our process is flexible, allowing numerous jobs to be processed simultaneously. This means on-time delivery and increased versatility.

Remember, whether the quantity is 100 or one million, rack anodizing is an important option.

When abrasion and corrosion resistance are critical, hardcoat is the way to go.

Hardcoat is an extremely tough and wear resistant finish on aluminum. Essentially, hardcoating is a sulfuric acid anodizing process, with the electrolyte concentration, temperature, and electric current parameters altered to produce the hardened surface.

Our hardcoated test panels have repeatedly passed salt spray tests in excess of 1,000 continuous hours, providing tremendous corrosion resistance...a fact readily boasted by some of the major companies we serve.

Our customers also recognize our achievements in meeting close tolerances in selective and intricate hardcoating. Another of our unique processes allows us to produce a very deep black TYPE III -Class 2 coating which can be processed on a daily basis.